20 Mart 2019

Les clients préfèrent les cafés avec système de store.

Tout en sirotant leur café et leur thé, les clients au café qui souhaitent ressentir l'énergie de l'extérieur préfèrent toujours les cafés équipés de systèmes de stores car ils considèrent leur confort. Offrant confort et élégance en toutes saisons, les systèmes de pergola du Groupe Byart sont devenus le produit de choix pour les endroits où ils sont installés.


Byart Group's pergola system is a durable product that protects from hard weather conditions such as aluminum, collapsible, sun and rain. Produced in single, double and triple forms, Byart Group's pergola systems are frequently preferred for each architectural structure. Byart Group's pergola systems bring comfort and enjoyment to your environment in summer and winter. This special and stylish design with sharp lines gives you a luxurious and aesthetic look with LED lighting system while preparing your space for changing seasons.


Comfort is a feature that every customer seeks in places that are important and important for each customer. This allowed the food and beverage industry to create a stylish trend by removing the walls and creating transparent spaces with pergola systems. The Byart Group's space-saving spaces are highly productive. Because the pergola systems because of the structure of snow and cold in winter due to the effects, such as the sun in the summer, protecting the sun from the excessive burning effects makes the place compatible with the weather conditions. Thus, it becomes possible for customers to drink their coffee and tea comfortably without disturbing their comfort and turn it into a place that is constantly frequented.